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Anglesey's Advanced Waters Sea Kayaking Course, North Wales

North Wales Sea Kayaking | Anglesey Adventures

Anglesey's Advanced Waters Sea Kayaking course

What's it all about?

The Advanced Waters Sea Kayaking course is designed to develop proficient core skills and appropriate decision-making skills for a safe day out in more challenging conditions. The aim of our advanced waters sea kayaking course is for you to experience the best of Anglesey’s advanced water paddling, with low coach to paddler ratios we can individualise our coaching to address your wants and needs for a great sea kayaking experience.

Further details

What level should I be? 


We run this course at level 4.   Find out the level as a sea kayaker, you find yourself best suited.

If you are a confident paddler in moderate waters, with a moderate water roll, but would like to gain more confidence and the skills needed to progress and enjoy some of the best of what Anglesey advanced water has to offer, including tide races and overfalls, swell, surf and rock-hopping, then Anglesey's Advanced Waters Sea Kayaking course is the one for you.

Anglesey has a wonderful, diverse coastline and if you want to enjoy all it has to offer, Steve will help you, through our Anglesey's Advanced Waters Sea Kayaking course, to develop your skills, confidence and safety to enjoy the chance to explore this stunning part of North Wales.

Each day will start over a coffee, while we plan the day ahead, thus boosting your knowledge on a theoretical and practical level of the decision making process for a safe day on the water.  The aims of the Advanced Waters Sea Kayaking course is for you to plan your own trips in some of the more challenging areas of the UK with confidence.

Anglesey Advanced Waters Sea Kayaking course opens up new horizons for you in the world of sea kayaking.  Kayaks are the ultimate sea vessels and by honing your paddling skills, you will have the experience to explore by sea kayak in a new and exciting way.

Anglesey's Advanced Water Sea Kayaking course with North Wales Sea Kayaking in Anglesey

2023 Course Dates

Get in touch to book throughout spring, summer and autumn.

For paddlers who want to play in the more challenging sea conditions, our Advanced Waters Sea Kayaking course will help provide you with the skills to make your adventures more fun and exhilarating.

Being already confident in moderate water, we aim to progress your kayaking skills in a gradual way to bigger waves and more exciting areas of the Anglesey coastline.

We aim to cover decision making and group dynamics and considerations, rescues and some incident management, and of course surfing and playing, after all sea kayaking is about fun!  The Advanced Waters Sea Kayaking course will be a mixture of all these elements, coaching,  journeying and having fun in some of Anglesey's best dynamic environments.

We all have aims and goals, and with small ratios of 1:4, we can individualise our coaching to match yours.

If you are looking to extend your comfort zone and stretch your boundaries in sea kayaking, while having fun, Anglesey is the perfect playground for you.  Offering some of the best paddling conditions in the UK, its rough water paddling opportunities are beyond compare.  Anglesey's Advanced Waters Sea Kayaking course will help you get the most from your paddling giving you the knowledge to ensure you have the confidence and boat handling skills to take sea kayaking to a new level.

If you are thinking of taking a step towards rough water sea kayaking, the Anglesey's Advanced Waters Sea Kayaking course will help launch you into a new, adventurous and thrilling experience.

Full course details


A good level of fitness 

Confident in the water 

Able to create a tidal plan for the days' paddling. 

Able to paddle in a minimum of f4 winds, 3/4ft swell and surf, over 2 knots of current 

Experience in assisting rescues in context. 

Venue:       Anglesey, North Wales

Ratio:         1:4 (minimum 2 people)

Duration:  2  or 5 days

Fee:            £190 pp or £380 pp

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