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Bespoke Sea Kayaking Courses, Anglesey, North Wales

North Wales Sea Kayaking | Anglesey Adventures

Bespoke Sea Kayaking Courses

What's it all about?

This course is uniquely designed to meet your requirements and cater for your own personal expectations, bespoke courses are for anyone and everyone who is interested in working on specific areas of their paddling, for all abilities.

Further details

What level should I be? 


We run this course all levels.   Find out the level as a sea kayaker, you find yourself best suited.


Bespoke sea kayaking courses in North Wales, Anglesey are a  great way to improve your skills at your own pace.  Following Government guidelines in the current coronavirus, 1:1 coaching is a great way to stop cross contamination. 


Our coaching is learner focussed so if you are uncertain of your level of ability or you could do with some rapid development, a bespoke course may be for you, or maybe you just prefer your own guide.  Steve is available for 1:1 coaching  as well as groups of friends, couples and  club members.  We can tailor your days on the water to meet your exact requirements.


A good level of fitness

Venue:       Anglesey, North Wales

Ratio:         1:4 (minimum 2 people)

Duration:  (flexible)

Fee:            Dependant on number of days

Bespoke Sea Kayaking Courses with North Wales Sea kayaking in Anglesey, North Wales.  Sea Kayaking courses to suit all abilities

2023Course Dates

Due to the nature of a bespoke course being unique to the individual, course dates are not provided.  If you would like to book a bespoke course and if there is not a course on our website to suit you, then get in touch to discuss your aspirations and desired dates, we'll then develop a course which we will tailor to exactly meet your requirements.

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