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Coasteering for Sea Kayakers, Anglesey, North Wales

Coasteering for Sea Kayakers - 1/2 or 1 day course

What's it all about?


We understand everyone is unique and will have different requirements or needs from their sea kayaking experiences. We aim to cater to everyone's taste which is why we offer a range of bespoke courses including Coasteering for Sea Kayakers.  This informative and fun course is aimed at beginner and advanced paddlers alike.


These one day courses combine the thrills of both sea kayaking and coasteering.  

Further details

What level should I be? 


We run this course at all levels.   Find out the level as a sea kayaker, you find yourself best suited.

Following this 1/2 or 1 day course you will be ready to take your rock hopping to a new level.  

We will show you how to take care of yourself and your friends in this dynamic environment, whilst having lots of fun and slowly building your confidence.   This is a practical course and you will get plenty of opportunities to try out your new skills during the day.

You will learn the principles and concepts of rescuing a kayaker who has come out their boat amongst the rocks and swell, and how to:

  • Be safe in the impact zone

  • Build your confidence around rocks

  • Interact with this dynamic environment

  • Exiting and entering the water safely

  • Preach-reach – throw-tow and go principles

You will also learn:

  • To read sea and swell close in to the rocks

  • how to understand what the water will do to you

  • To protect yourself and others


We can even throw in a few jumps along the way! 

Coasteering for sea kayakers in Anglesey with North Wales Sea Kayaking, Anglesey

2023 Course Dates


Weekly from April until October


Confident in the water

Venue:       Anglesey, North Wales

Ratio:         1:10

Duration:   1/2 or 1 day

Fee:            £55 or £90 pp (see Anglesey Adventures website for details on family groups and other coasteering options)

Kit:              Helmet, Buoyancy Aid, Wet/Drysuit (wetsuit can be supplied) we will be kayaking to the venue.

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