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Core Skills Development Sea Kayaking Course, Anglesey

North Wales Sea Kayaking | Anglesey Adventures

Core Skills Development Sea Kayaking Course

What's it all about?

The Core Skills Development Sea Kayaking course is designed for people who want to work towards improving their basic skills and knowledge of the coastal environment and want to start their journey to become a self-sufficient sea kayaker on the water.   Perfect for someone who has done some sea kayaking and wants to progress their personal paddling skills further.

Further details

What level should I be? 


We run this course at levels 2 and 3.   Find out the level as a sea kayaker, you find yourself best suited.

Each day will start with a coffee and time to plan the day ahead.  In order to have a safe day out on the sea, we need to make some considerations to factors influencing our decisions, which may include the weather, tide and swell plus features of the location we choose.  We can take each of these factors into consideration and ask ourselves some questions to ensure the correct decisions are made.

The Foundation Development Sea Kayaking course is designed to develop your skills and ability, to apply appropriate decision making for an enjoyable and safe day out on the sea. We will progressively work towards developing your core foundation skills.

Improver Sea Kayaking Course with North Wales Sea Kayaking in Anglesey, North Wales

2023 Course Dates

5 day course 1st - 5th July 2023 (4 places available)

Get in touch to book throughout spring, summer and autumn.

What will we cover?

Body to boat oneness

Blade awareness

Power transfer


Static turning and turning on the move

Some simple rescues and towing

Each day, we will choose a venue to suit our needs and find features and the right environment to work on your core foundation skills and precision boat handling scenarios, while journeying through some of the best coastline Anglesey has to offer.  We aim to help you become a more independent paddler and build your confidence in winds around force 3Bft and 1 knot of tide (we might move a little higher in grade for training purposes), enabling you to confidently plan your own trips.

Full course details


A good level of fitness

Confident in the water

Some previous sea kayaking experience and learnt the basics

Venue:       Anglesey, North Wales

Ratio:         1:4

Duration:  2 days

Fee:            £190 pp

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