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Intermediate Sea Kayaking Course

North Wales Sea Kayaking | Anglesey Adventures

Intermediate Sea Kayaking Course


This course is designed to enable you to move towards being self-sufficient with your sea kayaking and further develop your knowledge of the coastal environment.

Venue:       Anglesey, North Wales

Ratio:         1:4 (minimum 2 people)

Duration:  2 days (flexible)

Fee:            £170 (2 days)


A good level of fitness

Confident in the water

Able to create a basic tide plan

Able to paddle in f3/4 winds, 2/3ft swell and surf, 2 knots of current

Experience in assisting rescues in context.

2020 Course Dates

5 - 6 September

24 - 25 October


More Information:

The intermediate sea kayaking course will suit you if you want to improve your kayak handling and rough water skills, as well as boost your knowledge of practical and theoretical seamanship and navigation.  During this two day course, Steve will share his expertise with you, taking you on a tour of some of the finest coastal trips the UK has to offer. He will  make sure you get the most out of each spectacularly scenic journey. There's no better way to broaden your experience and reach the next level in a sport you're passionate about. 


The intermediate sea kayaking course provides the essential skills to further develop your knowledge and confidence in tidal planning, and decision making, and be more comfortable in bigger swell, while acquiring the skills to blend strokes with efficiency.  

Whilst out on the water, you will learn more about paddling in current and flow up to 2 knots, the training may take us a little beyond these to help develop boat handling and problem solving skills in a more dynamic environment. 


The course will teach you how to plan and approach tidal areas, with group consideration in mind and to better develop your understanding of the decision making process involved whilst on the water.  The Intermediate Sea Kayaking course will help you to gain confidence and improve your skills and awareness when planning your future paddling trips. 


This course can be extended to provide further opportunities in experiencing different conditions and to increase your ability, knowledge and confidence around Holy Island and Anglesey, the course will go ahead with a minimum of two people.  


To get the most out of your paddling with Steve's coaching and guidance, the course is flexible in terms of duration and requirements. 


The course outcomes are designed so that you will be confident when planning your own trips. 

If you have mastered the basics and you are ready to take your sea kayak into more adventurous locations then this course will provide that vital step-up in knowledge and skill that will allow you to safely progress your sea kayak paddling competencies and range of activities. 

Course Content 


The course will be tailored to your requirements but will include: 


  • Understanding the  sea environment; this will include basic knowledge of tides and tidal planning. 

  • Effects of weather and water on you and your sea kayak. 

  • Increased range of paddling strokes and skills 

  • Key safety considerations for the more adventurous environments. 

  • Using your sea kayak for your chosen activities, which may include coastlines on longer journeys. 

  • Caring for the environment. 

  • Sea kayak safety and rescues 

The intermediate sea kayaking course aims to help kayakers become confident in planning and undertaking journeys on the sea, in winds up to and including force 4 and/or tides up to 2 knots.  


Everything about the intermediate sea kayaking course is aimed at helping sea kayakers towards becoming more confident when planning trips for themselves and friends around the UK's coastline. 

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